4 Easy Ways to Stay Active at Work

Americans are always over-scheduled – their calendars packed with work! The weirdest thing is that despite working so hard, we are still gaining weight. This is because of the sedentary lifestyle this country has leaned on. Very few people stay active at work and at home. There’s a considerable lack of physical activities in these places. Many people tend to have overly busy schedules that leave little or no time for exercise. By incorporating routine exercise into your daily routine, that’s a superb way to stay active. Here are the simplest ways to stay active while at work.

Park Farthest

Alzheimer’s and heart disease are two of the leading killers in this nation. Research shows that walking as many as 150 steps can help ward off these ailments. Rather than parking at the nearest available spot, consider parking farthest away. This gives you a chance to walk to your office or workplace.

Ditch the Elevator

You probably have heard this said a million and one times. But are you doing it? Taking the stairs while at work helps burn some extra calories, and reduces your risk of developing serious health conditions. By doing the stairs you’ll feel alert and excited as you begin the day. Make this a habit and you will notice that you are able to do the whole set with your breath still intact.

Remind Yourself Why

Do you just feel sick? Are you overweight, hypertensive or diabetic? Many people have different reasons for choosing a better active life. The reasons might be many but nearly all of them revolve around health. For you to achieve these goals just post them somewhere you can see them daily. This way you will constantly be reminded of your reason for staying active.

Take Advantage of the Lunch Break

Having your packed lunch is your best option here. Yes, it might sound crazy and outdated but it’s really a good idea! This gives you time to take a short walk before your lunchtime is over. Walking improves your focus making you excited to get back to work for the afternoon session. It also gives you a chance to stretch your muscles after many hours of sitting.

Protect Your Health

The above steps can mean a significant improvement in your health. The key here is to stick with them once you have started, and form a habit. Long-term care insurance protects your health in case anything happens to you in the future. Having LTC coverage doesn’t mean you’ll use it. In fact, nobody buys insurance wishing they’ll get to use it. But it gives you the peace of mind that in case of anything, you can get quality care without draining your assets and savings.

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