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There is no single web-based calculator for providing official quotes on long-term care insurance. To make up for this lack, LTC Key serves as an ideal alternative solution. Without the hassle involved with SALES meetings, we furnish you with side-by-side comparative quotes from the leading carriers. LTC Insurance premiums greatly vary from one company to the other, and that’s why we focus on getting quotes from all top carriers. Usually, there are regular differences in chargers from different carriers.  This difference can range from 15-65% for comparable policies. Since we are an independent agent, we do not have a favorite. All we do is provide you with the information you need to choose the right company based on your long term care insurance needs.

Insurance Calculator Premium Saving Tips

  • Save money with lengthier elimination periods

In long term care insurance, elimination period refers to your policy deductible. If the elimination period takes lengthier, the premiums will be lower which is very okay. The 90 days elimination period happens to be the top economical deductible, providing an ideal balance between too short and too long.

  • Go for clever inflation protection

There’s a new disturbing trend where firms are pushing a no inflation (CPI) option so they can save money. This is simply not a thing you should go for though. Keep in mind that the 5% automatic protection for inflation grows your benefits over time. For instance, if you’re a 55 years old now, you’ll have 100 percent more benefits after 30 years. And all you have to do for this to happen is settle on the compounded inflation protection option (5%). You could also go for the 3% compound protection rider. The point here is that you should be smart when making an inflation protection decision.

  • Long term care insurance policies discount – spousal and partners

All insurance companies’ offers discounts for husband and wife applying coverage at the same time which is added advantage to them. They also offer partner discount for gay and lesbian couples.

  • Buying less is better than buying nothing

Let’s assume that the cost of LTC services is $180 per day where you live but can only buy a policy cover for $130 a day. Of course, $130 a day is better than no cover at all. Why? Because it’d still cover majority of your costs.

Our Long Term Care Insurance calculator opens up all major providers for your review.

Any decision pertaining long term care insurance calls for a lot of research and attention from you. Take your time to do the homework before you buy any plan. This way, you’ll certainly be able to save a lot of money that you’d otherwise have to pay out in insurance premiums. In the traditional insurance buying scenario, a local agent comes in and cleverly attempts to get you to write a check, sometimes even in the first meeting.  But LTC Key makes it possible for you to relax, step back, and do your shopping hassle free.

LTC Partnership Plans

When buying long term care insurance you should check whether your stage has LTC Partnerships. You can learn more about Long Term Care State Partnerships here.

Our key goal at LTC Key is to help you buy the right Long Term Care Insurance policy, and save money in the process. We know that when you purchase the right plan, you’ll have peace of mind, and won’t have to stress about your uncertain future when your head hits the pillow every night.