There’s been many research studies related to Alzheimer’s over the last few years. Some of these studies have been focusing on how the disease can be alleviated, while others have been studying its triggers. In this article, we look at what’s happening in scientific circles regarding Alzheimer’s research.

Study by Cambridge University Identifies Alzheimer’s Catalyst

Research was done by Cambridge University to identify the process by which healthy cells turn into abnormal cells. They also did a study on the catalyst that led to the onset of Alzheimer’s. The goal was to help them find a potential cure. The study turned out to be largely successful, and its findings brought the researchers closer to finding the treatment for the illness.

In the United States today, Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death. The disease affects millions of America, is expensive to address, and has no cure.

Professor Christopher Dobson discovered the connection between protein ‘misfolding’ and the disease over 15 years ago. Mr. Dobson collaborated with others in the Cambridge Study.

According to Dr. Tuomas Knowles, who authored the study, scientists have now figured out the pathway that shows how toxic species cause death of cells. This discovery might be useful for the development of dementia-related drugs worldwide.

Alzheimer’s and Long Term Care

Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia are typically the number one reason why people buy Long Term Care Insurance in the United States. As the number of patients increases at an alarming rate, researchers are working even harder to understand and perhaps find a cure for the disease.

Long term care entails various services such as in-home health care, assisted living centers and nursing homes. The cost of care at these facilities can be really high, over $80,000 a year. It’s important that you have a plan in place to cover these costs. Paying for long term care out of the pocket can be extremely overwhelming.

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