Suze Orman Long Term Care Insurance

Suze Orman authored the book, “The 9 steps to financial freedom” In this text, Suze has a complete section dedicated to long-term care insurance. This just underscores how important it is for anyone who’s got assets worth protecting to purchase LTC Insurance. She talks about LTC insurance as a really brilliant tool for financial planning for some folks. She advises all the baby boomers to investigate LTCI since it’s a wise investment for the future!

Suze Orman’s chapter on LTC further explains that once baby boomers reach 5 years,  their chances of needing the long term care insurance gets even higher. This is also the prime time for them to purchase the protection of LTC insurance. They’d have to pay lower premiums than if they waited till their 60’s.

Suze Orman on Why LTC Insurance is a Family Issue

According to Suze Orman, her connection to LTC insurance goes back to her mother. She tells how her mother got to a situation where she no longer could care for herself and that was an eye-opening experience to her. She had tried convincing her mother to purchase long term care insurance but her efforts bore no fruits. Suze Orman’s mom eventually ended up footing a $30,000 monthly bill which could be avoided by having a long-term care insurance policy in place.

Suze Orman’s Recommended LTC Insurance

After reading Suze Orman’s chapter on long-term care insurance, I did my research to understand everything better. I learned that Suze was a big fan of good LTC plans especially designed for individuals who had assets they want to protect.  Suze Orman says that long-term care insurance is not for each and every one of us, but those with assets over $50,000 should consider it. Any good consumer advocate or insurance agent will tell you that it’s beneficial to consider various companies before you settle on a specific plan. LTC Key is an independent brokerage connection that makes it super easy for you to compare plans from the top 6 blue-chip carriers right from the comfort of your home!

Suze Orman’s LTC Advice

No matter the policy, always make a point to purchase either 5% or 3% compound protection against inflation. If you’re currently aged below 75 but anticipate you’ll to over 80 or even 90, don’t be fooled into purchasing CPI (keep away from any other sub-par protection against inflation).  LTC Key advisors give you insider information so you can leverage the power of choice when buying LTCI.

Do you Agree With Suze Orman Long Term Care Insurance Views?

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Since LTC Key is an independent overwatch agent, we have no preferences. Our aim is to simply get the information you need to decide which the best company is. So we’re happy to provide you with Suze Orman LTC Insurance premiums from all the best carriers, including but not limited to John Hancock, Genworth, and Transamerica. All you need to do is fill in the simple form below and we’ll mail you the side-by-side quotes within a business day.