Important Reasons to Get More Sleep Tonight

A good night’s sleep is very important. Being awake the entire night seems like fun to many but it’s actually very unhealthy. A good night’s sleep helps your brain function better. It also helps reduce stress so your body relaxes after a long, busy day.

Enough sleep additionally improves your physical and mental health in various ways. There are so many positive effects of good sleep on your body.

Reasons for Getting More Sleep Tonight

a)       Memory improvement

Research findings show that enough sleep strengthens memory. It improves your understanding capacity and enhances your learning prowess. This makes it easy for the brain to store what you learn every day.

On the other hand, a poor sleeping routine totally interferes with your brain function. It negatively affects your memory and messes up with your learning ability.

b)       Good health weight maintenance

Various studies suggest that sleeping enough each night can help keep your waistline slimmer. Researchers believe that there’s a strong link between a lack of enough sleep and obesity. Sleep apnea makes you feel fatigued and erodes your motivation. Get into a good sleeping routine and you’ll see a boost in your energy levels leaving feeling active and excited.

c)       Lower stress

Stress makes it very hard for you to get a peaceful deep sleep. Lack of sleep for consecutive nights makes you feel more stressed and tired. This is because your mind and body haven’t relaxed enough. If you have a demanding job you should follow our good sleep tips.

d)       Diseases risk reduction

Inadequate sleep raises C-reactive protein levels. This protein increases your chances of having heart disease and other chronic diseases that are a threat to your life. Missing a couple of sleeping hours each night causes inflammation in your body which is another risk factor to your health. Get enough sleep as a way to safeguard your health.

e)       Improved athletic performance

Getting enough sleep helps you stay active and perform exercises of your choice better and for longer. A study did Stanford University suggests that making good sleep your priority can heighten athletic performance. Consider doing an extra hour of sleep each day and maybe you will go some extra miles.

Sleeping Tips

Make good sleep a priority. Optimal sleep can really have a profound effect on your health. Adults should sleep for 7-9 hours every night in order to lead a healthy life. Most people have trouble falling asleep due to stress or other life issues. If you find yourself struggling to fall asleep you should try the following sleep hygiene techniques recommended by the CDC:

  • Use your bed for sleeping only
  • Get rid of all electronics from the bedroom
  • Take light meals before you go to sleep
  • Sleep in a quiet dark room with a comfortable weather
  • Sleep and wake up at the same time the entire week

Sleep and Long Term Health

Enough sleep has various positive effects on your mind and body. Older people should maintain good health to prevent developing health conditions like dementia and heart attack. Adequate sleeping is one step in the right direction towards healthy living. We cannot control our health completely. This is why having long term care is important.

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