Reasons People Need

The National Association of Health Data highlights the following as the top reasons why people need to Long Term Care.

Top 10 Reasons why People Need Long Term Care

  1. Recovery from illnesses, injuries or a surgery
  2. Fractured bones, usually as a result of a fall
  3. Rehabilitation after hospital stay
  4. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  5. Parkinson’s Disease
  6. Multiple Sclerosis
  7. Heart Disease
  8. Head injury, usually as a result of a fall.
  9. Strokes
  10. Obesity plus other chronic or terminal  ailment

In addition to these 10, there are numerous other conditions and reasons why folks need Long Term Care. America is currently battling an obesity epidemic.  Over the last two decades, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of claims being filed as a result of people being obese. This condition is among the fastest growing reasons why people need Long Term Care coverage.

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