Obesity and Long Term Care

One-third of adults in the US are considered obese each year. This staggering number has led to more studies focusing on how obesity affects society. Research findings suggest that middle-aged individuals are at a higher risk of suffering from obesity compared to any other age-group. This article helps you know more about obesity and how it affects you or your family.

Obesity in Children

Health statistics say that obesity has increased rapidly in children, and tripled in adolescents. Three years ago, more than one-third of all children and adolescents were obese and this really spelled trouble for the nation. The rapid advance of consumer technology (computers, cell phones, and gaming systems) made children less active.

Children rarely play outside as they would rather play with tech devices. When you bring fast foods into this mix, it becomes a deadly combination. It’s crucial for all parents to ensure that their children do not become overweight as it is risky to their health. Overweight children easily suffer from bone and joint problems, poor self-esteem, and high blood pressure – a risk factor for heart disease. Childhood obesity tends to continue into the child’s adult life leading to even more health risks.

Obesity in Adults

It’s important to know that the older you become, the harder the losing weight becomes. This is because of slowed metabolism and reduced muscle mass. It’s therefore important to avoid gaining too much weight in your adult life. Obesity in adults causes potentially fatal health risks such as heart disease, certain types of cancer, stroke, and diabetes. These health conditions can be prevented by practicing healthy living paired with daily exercises to lose weight. The medical costs associated with obesity are devastating. So live healthily; watch your weight and you probably will never even use your long-term care insurance policy.

Obesity and Long Term Care

Obesity results in more severe diseases and needs for higher medical services that are very costly. It’s therefore important to subscribe to long term care insurance. More obese people are hospitalized each day than people with normal weight. Obesity interferes with your daily life since it limits the ability to perform certain tasks (due to decreased mobility). Older obese adults are more likely to lead an unhealthy life.

Long term care insurance helps you protect your assets and pay for quality care in case of anything. It’s important to purchase LTC Insurance at a younger age. Long term care insurance protects you from paying the cost out of your pocket and thus losing your assets and investments. In case you have a substantial amount of assets you should consider investing in long-term care insurance for safety. LTC Key can help you compare rates and review your different policy options so you can choose the best one.


Long term care insurance provides people with a way to protect their assets and provides peace of mind that in case anything happens in the future, quality care will be catered for. If you are obese, you need long term care as you’re prone to multiple health issues that are associated with being overweight.

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