Avoid These 3 Diseases through Exercise

Exercise is important for your normal body functioning. Make exercise part of your daily routine for a better living. According to the CDC, 93% of adult Americans do not engage in physical exercise thus the high rate of lifestyle illnesses. The CDC further states that 35% of the country’s adults are obese and 10% are depressed. Exercising regularly keeps your body healthy, and helps you avoid being part of these staggering statistics. The following are the diseases that you can easily avoid by exercising more regularly.

1.      Obesity

Exercising helps a lot in preventing weight gain. If you want to burn as much calories as possible just work out more. Taking a walk daily helps in your weight maintenance leading to a happier and a healthier living. Exercising also increases your energy levels on a day-to-day basis! It improves muscle tone leading to a younger, healthier looking body. The overall importance of exercising is to reduce body fat and ward off obesity. These are the most pressing issues facing the entire world population today.

2.      Heart disease

Heart disease is a top killer illness in the United States. It can be prevented by exercising regularly. Living a sedentary lifestyle is the main risk factor for heart disease. Your desk job may significantly increase your risk for heart disease. Exercising regularly strengthens your heart and protects it from common cardiovascular problems. In addition, it lowers the blood pressure which is a major cause of heart disease.  Working out improves your sleep enabling your body to function at its full potential. It gets rid of body stress which is one of the top contributors to heart attack.

3.      Depression

Exercise improves moods in people with mild to moderate depression. This link between these two has been documented in numerous studies. Working out stimulates your brain to release certain chemicals that produce a positive feeling within your body. These chemicals (Endorphins) trigger that great feeling after exercising, even motivating you to work out more. If you feel depressed, make exercising a daily habit.

Exercise is not boring

Exercising is not all about running and lifting weights at the gym. Achieving a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be a grueling task. Go biking, swimming, or take a walk from your office to your home. These are low impact ways to exercise for a better healthy lifestyle. Before you start working out, jog and stretch to prevent any injuries. Any injuries might make it hard for you to exercise for weeks on end. Jogging opens up your lungs for better breathing, while stretching maximizes your workout session. Exercising is the easiest way to keep your body in tip-top shape. This reduces your chances of developing common lifestyle illnesses.

You just have to keep moving, and integrate it into your daily or weekly routine!

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